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Youth section “No one left behind”

The program aims to build on the success and lessons learned from past experience and further address human rights gaps and continuing negative practices in the field of discrimination against the Roma by expanding and engaging a larger audience and identifying opportunities for diversified financing. The program is a creative campaign led by Roma and non-Roma youth; involvement of local communities in self-funded activities, including contributions in kind; organizing local communities to advocate for their identified priorities to be funded by municipal budgets; engaging large companies to support actions (both financially and through a popular campaign); the generation and use of litigation funding; and creative use of media, including social networks, are the main tools the program aims to develop and use.

The program develops into two main phases: Planning and Action. Planning includes: Assessing local needs, setting up youth groups on the ground and defining training needs. The action phase involves organizing campaigns and building youth leadership on the ground, capable of mobilizing human and financial resources to carry out planned activities for the benefit of local communities and social inclusion.

The program is funded by Open Society Foundations.

Partners and Donors

Фондация „Отворено общество“
Сигрид Раузинг Тръст
Тръст за социална алтернатива
Център за образователна интеграция на деца
Оперативна програма Развитие на човешките ресурси
Наука и образование за интелигентен разтеж