Demolition of Roma-only homes

Assenovgrad, 2017 г.

Demolition of Roma-only homes

Gurmen, 2015 г.

Discussion for inclusion of Roma priorities within the municipal integration plans

, November, 2017

Young people trained in advocacy

May, 2019 г.

Programs & Projects





The Association is established for:

  • Developing initiatives aimed at promoting equality in the capabilities of the Roma population through the development and implementation of legal aid and assistance programs; legal education and equal opportunities in the main public areas - education, health, employment and housing;
  • Development of initiatives for local development of Roma population and communities;
  • Promoting relations of mutual cooperation and tolerance between Roma and other groups of Bulgarian citizens.


Legal program

The Equal Opportunities Initiative is developing a legal program focused on the protection against discrimination and equal opportunities.

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Educational program

Educational program

The Equal Opportunities Initiative is working on an educational program focused on equal access to early education.

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Youth section

Youth organized in youth clubs on the ground work on advocacy campaigns and build relationships with their peers in Europe, broadening their horizons and opportunities.

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Partners and Donors

Фондация „Отворено общество“
Сигрид Раузинг Тръст
Тръст за социална алтернатива
Център за образователна интеграция на деца
Оперативна програма Развитие на човешките ресурси
Наука и образование за интелигентен разтеж