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Equal Opportunities Initiative

About Us

The Association is established for:

  • Developing initiatives aimed at promoting equality in the capabilities of the Roma population through the development and implementation of legal aid and assistance programs; legal education and equal opportunities in the main public areas - education, health, employment and housing;
  • Development of initiatives for local development of Roma population and communities;
  • Promoting relations of mutual cooperation and tolerance between Roma and other groups of Bulgarian citizens.

The association was established in June 1996 and registered with the Sofia City Court and the Ministry of Justice as a public benefit organization.

The Association is represented and managed by a Conference of Presidents, consisting of three people with a two-year term. The supreme body is the General Assembly of the Association.

The association's team works in three main programs: Legal Program, Educational Program and Youth Activities Program. The association also works with a permanent team of volunteers - Roma boys and girls.


The team is divided in:



Executive director,
financial manager,
administrative secretary,

Legal Program

Legal Program:

Leader, lawyers, Sofia based coordinators, country based coordinators, researchers and volunteers;

Educational Program

Educational Program:

Facilitators and Librarian;

Youth Section

Youth Section:

five coordinators
and volunteers.